Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 3 - At Sea

Usually I dread days at sea, with the fighting for deck chairs and boredom, but we actually had a nice day.  First we had breakfast in the dining room.  Much nicer than the buffet.  Anything is nicer than the buffet.  Ariel likes to walk around, with a little help.
 Aden and the great glass elevator.
 Staking out our spots for the day.

 We actually never ended up going in any of the 4 pools.  They were all too deep for the kids.
 Aden loved the kid's club.  Maura was nice enough to hang out with him there.
 Going outside!

 We spent the afternoon watching Back to the Future and relaxing.

 Lots of hugs.

 Aden kept wanting to go into the hot tub.

 Aden didn't win :-(
 Setting up for formal night.
 Pretty girls!
 Who says people don't get dressed up anymore?
 Ariel was super friendly to everyone on the boat, waving and blowing kisses.  But she had her favorites.  She would go crazy whenever she saw this woman.  
 We got Aden into a non-superhero shirt.  Actually, that was probably all Maura.
 Shoes off!

 Ariel also loved these guys who sat next us.  Did whatever she could to get to them.

 Here's Ariel's friend Nora.
 Ariel is at 2%, Nora is a 98%!

 Kid fun outside the dining room.
 We did not pose for any formal shots.  We just did them ourselves.
 Best looking group on the boat!
 After the show, the kids were playing.

 People took turns pouring champagne on the glasses.  

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