Thursday, December 6, 2012

Lots of Dolls

It's late Thursday night, which means it's time for the potluck post.  Amy is watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm working on this.  The heat is cranking but I am shivering.  I am not ready for a long cold winter.  Who is moving to Florida with me?

Music class.

 Happy girl.
 Hey Ms. Marilyn.  Thanks for playing my party!
 Aden's been bringing in toys all week.

 Who is walking who?

Are they Ariel's dolls or Aden's dolls?  Aden loves playing with her toys.
 There are like 5 dolls in there.
 Bitty Baby.
 Found this online.  Thought it was cute.  Kind of like my picture taking experiences.
 Someone snuck into the pantry and for some Cheerios.
 Look who is still being sneaky in the background.  
 Yes, she stands now.  For really long periods of time.  She kept us entertained during Aden's gym class.

 She made new friends.

 I wonder when Ariel can start.

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