Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Happy Hanukkah everyone!  Saturday night, we lit the candles.  Aden watched the candles as they burned and kept asking where they were going!
Then it was time to open presents.

 All the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Aden knew they were in our closet for a couple of weeks and was driving us crazy about them.
 This is all we play now!
 So happy I caught this.
 Saturday night, we went out with Lindsay, Ali and the boys to La Stalla.
 Sunday morning, we had a Hanukkah brunch at my parent's house.
 Aunt Judy helped put together the giant Power Rangers robot.
 Believe it or not, those annoying commercials on Hub TV work.  Aden had to have a CuddleUppet.  A blanket that's also a puppet!

 Back to the turtles.  Uncle Mark was psyched.  He loves the turtles too.
 Time to open a ton more presents!

 So much to open.

 She stands a lot now.

 They boys played with their cars.  How cute.
 There were about 10 of these.  

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