Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Baby Nathan

It's a cold Tuesday night.  The heats cranking, which I hate but at least we are comfortable.  

Playing at Bubbie and Grandpops.
Pretty accurate shot.
After three long weeks, I finally got to meet baby Nathan!  I gave Todd and Ali some space to get things settled but it had been long enough, I needed some baby cuddling!
It's so cliche but it's true, you never remember them being this small.
Sammy and Ariel just ran off and played.  They kept disappearing upstairs, we will have to keep a closer eye on them!
We put Nathan in the swing so we could eat.  Yeah, that lasted maybe 5 minutes.
Sammy totally looks up to Aden.
We got eyes!  Beautiful baby!
 Tickle tickle!
 Nathan's first selfie!  
Aden is going to be awesome with his babies.
Amy got her turn.
 We went to check on the kids upstairs, they were changing?!?
Ariel ended up in Aden's old pajamas that Sammy had been borrowing!  Too funny.
Uncle Todd had fun with Ariel.
We ended staying till like 10!  We were so happy to get some quality time with Nathan.  

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