Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Goodbye Adam and Brianna!

It's Tuesday night.  Bev is probably going home tomorrow.  She will have to go back in about a month for surgery but at least she's getting out of there.  It snowed all day.  It was light but annoying. My car was slipping everywhere.  I really need snow tires.

Back to our last visit with Adam and Brianna this time around.  We met them for dinner at Mamma Mia's in Langhorne.  
 The kids all get along so nicely.

 Back to our house for some Tastykakes and ice cream.
 We gave them the leftover Tastykakes for the long ride home.
We will miss them.  The next time we see them, we will be a family of 6!

I love how the cleaning lady arranged Ariel's bed.

 A trip to the mall!  It's been too long.
 Someone loves shopping.
 This was a dangerous store.  Ariel wanted to touch everything.
 Aden tried to keep her in line.
 Cutie pie.
 A little bit of snow.

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