Monday, January 19, 2015

Master of the Smart Board

I guess we will find out soon if Aden is ready for his presentation tomorrow.  He's the first to go and Amy and I will be there so I hope he doesn't get nervous.  Hopefully, I will get a good video of it and post it here.

Ariel working on some arts and crafts.
Isn't this sweet.  Aden reading to Ariel.
So last Friday, Aden lead the daily morning meeting.  It was also pajama day.  Aden's teacher invited us to come watch.  
It was cute watching Aden in charge.
Although there was a sub that day and things weren't going as quickly as they usually go so Amy stepped in a few times.  You can take the teacher out of the school...

Everyone saying hi to each other.  You would think after five months they would be better at each other's last names.

The kids brought their teddy's.  They were all hanging out on the desks.
The smart boards are really cool and Aden seemed to know his way around.

 A little show and tell.
 A note from the teacher.
Benjamin was the weekly shining star.  Aden is next week which means another project for us!
Back to their desks to color.  I left and Amy stayed to help lead the writing workshop.  She's going to do that every Friday till the babies come!

 Aden and Ben walked me out.  They were being extra silly.
 Later in the day we went to get Ariel.  
 Still in his pjs!  The teachers love seeing Aden.

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