Wednesday, January 7, 2015

CRUSA Indoor Soccer

It's Wednesday night and it's really cold.  It's 9 degrees outside right now going down to 5!  Wow!  Who is moving to Florida with me?  Bev is still in the hospital.  She developed a fever so she's stuck there for now.  

Saturday Aden started indoor soccer at Holland Elementary.  It's the same league as the outdoor soccer.  Council Rock United Soccer Association.  There's my buddy Jaime!
There were no drills, they got right into games.

Hey Nancy!
Ariel went into the hallway and found two boys to play with.

Hey Ben!

Who wants to play goalie?

Ariel and her new friends.
I didn't get any good pics but Aden had a really long playdate at Jake's house.  Look at Jake's car climbing up the wall!
The boys had an awesome time.
We had lunch in Newtown.
Ariel made some funny faces.

Ariel played soccer her way.
Aden and the neighbor boys watching the new Ninja Turtles movie.
Picking Aden up from Hebrew School Sunday.  They were playing hangman and he really wanted to stay.

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