Thursday, January 1, 2015

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

Happy New Year everyone!!!  I have lots of pictures to share from last night but I will get to those later.  We wish everyone a happy and healthy year.  

Back to the cousins at our house last Saturday.  Of course Aden and Noah had to play Skylanders.  
 Ariel bonded with Lucas.

 Bubbie enjoyed herself.
 Cousin Eric is comfy!
 My first cousins.
 My grandmother with most of the great grandkids.

 Somehow, this skips to Sunday night.  Saturday night we went with Sarah and Rich to Charcoal in Yardley.  The food is really good there.  I think I just slept most of the day Sunday.  Then it was over my in-laws.  
 Let's make some jewelry!

 Elaine was excited to hold Eva.
 Brianna too!
 Walk, Eva Walk!
 Hey Cooper.
 A birthday cake for Ed.

 Some more walking.
 Cute shot.
 More Hanukkah presents for the kids.

 Olaf has been by Ariel's side ever since.
 Cooper is looking for his presents.
 Back at our house.

Monday night, we went into the city to see Mary Poppins.  First we had a nice dinner.
 Then it was show time at the Walnut Street Theater.  Aden knows the show from the movie and they sang the songs at camp.

 The show was a little long, almost 3 hours, but it was good and it kept Aden's attention.  We kept having to shush him.  He was singing a little loudly.

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