Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Cool Day at the Beach

It's Tuesday night.  We had some crazy thunderstorms today. Neither of the older kids had swim.  Aden started working on his thank you's for the counselors.  So sad.

Last Friday, the boys were still practicing with their food.
Nathan came for a visit!  Then we headed to the shore.
This was early Saturday morning.
The boys slept well in their knew pack n plays.
Good morning!
Eva was checking things out.
Let's get the day started!
The boys stare at the dogs.  It's cute.  I wonder what they make of them.
A quick stop over my parent's.  My grandmother made the trip down.  Aden was a good boy and read to her.

Of course she drove him crazy.
Back to get ready for the beach.  
No bathing suits for us.  Just comfy onesies.

It was not a great beach day.  Cloudy and cool.
 Aden stayed back with my parents.
 The waves were rough.
 There were some people out there.

 Sharing a peach.

 Nothing like lunch on the beach.

 Very nice sharing Ariel.
 What's so funny?
 Bathing beauty.
 Ariel and Eva made a new friend Sophie.  She's just 2 weeks older than Eva.
I can't believe someone brought a Pack n Play to the beach.  I wonder if they would let us use it.
 Some of our friends having fun.
 Ok, enough, time to head back.

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