Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Up Too Early

So we have just had 9 days in row over 90.  I think tomorrow is supposed to be the last day for a while.  It's actually going to be in the 70's by the end of the week.  I guess Summer really is coming to an end.  Last Friday we made the trek to the shore right after camp so we went our new way, up Magnolia Road towards Long Beach Island.  There was no traffic and I love the scenery.
Saturday morning, all the kids played while most of the adults slept.  

Dogs too.
What craziness.  I'm always the one up with everyone.  Mark too.
Some of my boys.
We went to hang on my parent's porch.
 My dad showed off his mad balloon animal skills.
 We decided to skip the beach.  It was really hot and we were all too tired to make the trek so we had a nice lunch at Lambertis.
Then to the pool.  Eva now wants to swim by herself!  Doesn't want to be held.

Sandy and Elliot came to visit.

 Aden wanted underwater shots.
 Nice relaxing day.

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