Sunday, August 30, 2015

Excuse Me Miss, Where is the Bathroom?

It's Sunday night and tomorrow it all begins again.  We actually were at the shore all last week.  We had a nice time but were limited a bit because of Noah being sick.  We have so much to unpack and clean up.  We do not travel lightly.  Aden starts second grade tomorrow!  He's a little nervous but excited.  We didn't make orientation so he doesn't really know what to expect but we think he will be great.

Back to last Tuesday.  It's far too many pictures. Sorry.  The kids were all cuddly in the morning.

We met Becky and Larry at Storybook Land.  It's really a beautiful place.  I'm not sure why we haven't been here in years.  

The twins will enjoy it someday.
Noah spit up all over Amy.  She had to buy a kid's shirt at the gift shop.  She looked like she worked there.  I kept waiting for someone to ask her where the bathroom was.
Our Princess.
 Here's Eden!
 Smiling for Uncle Larry.
 I convinced Larry we needed funnel cake.
 Time for a ride on the train.

 I stayed away from this thing.
Aden did it twice.
Alice's maze.
 Who let Ariel drive?

Excuse me miss.  Where is the bathroom?

Ariel was all smiles before the roller coaster.  Not so much after.

Someone is getting cranky!

 It's hard to see but there is a goat at the top of the tower.  He's supposed to be a Billy Goat Gruff.  There is a rope with a bucket.  You can put food in the bucket and send it to him.  When it gets close, he starts pulling in the rope himself to speed it up!
It was a super hot day to nice to play in the splash area.
 Larry made sure Aden got soaked.

Ariel liked the spray.

 A silly group shot.

 No whale, don't eat my kids!

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