Monday, August 31, 2015

Colorful Crabs

It's Monday night and Aden had a great first day of second grade! He just had 2 complaints.  We forgot to pack his snack and the teacher spelled his name wrong on everything!  I will tell you all about it when I catch up with the pictures.
I think this was last Wednesday.  They both like having things in their hands to play with.

We didn't do much that day as Noah's croup seemed to get worse and it was crazy hot.  We finally get to try the Dairy Bar hamburgers.  Yummy.
Actually I was the only one who got a burger.
Hanging out with bubbie and grandpop.

Amy and I took Noah back to the doctor.  She said that little ones sometimes need extra steroids.
Amy stayed back with the babies and Bev and I took the older ones to Ocean City.
Free fudge!
 It's still a struggle to get them to pose.

 The moon over Wonderland Pier.
 We ran into lots of people we know.  There's Adam.

 Just some random ride pics.

 I'm not even sure who this person is that Ariel is pulling!

 Aden is starting to try some of the bigger rides.

 Of course we needed Johnson's Popcorn.
 Those are some colorful crabs.

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