Monday, August 3, 2015

New High Chairs!

It's Monday night and I'm tired so let's do this quickly!  

Last week, the boys tried food for the first time.  Noah would make funny faces but would take some in.  Eli just kept his lips tight!  It was time to order high chairs!
 My parents and I took my grandmother out to dinner.  She didn't eat a bite of her meal, just wanted to play with the boys.

 The twins were a big hit with the older people.
 My grandmother and her sister sang to the boys.

 Some more feeding.
 Ariel helped.
 There's a smile from Eli.
 Playing with Ben at his place.
 Hey there brother!
 Let's try out the new high chair!  Perfect fit!
 Crazy sock day at camp.
 Ariel does lawns and plows snow!
 A little posing before we headed to the shore Friday.

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