Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Grange Fair

It's 12:30 Wednesday night.  Just got back from my neighbors where we sampled several bourbons so I don't really know why I'm doing this now or even if I can do this now!  I just want to get it over with and one of the boys will be up any minute so I guess there is no point in going to sleep.  Anyway, Saturday, after music, we headed to the Grange Fair in Wrightstown.  We went last year during the day during the week and it was crowded.  I was worried about Saturday at 1 but it wasn't too bad, I guess mainly it was so freakin' hot.  Like so hot.  Heat doesn't usually bother me but I felt sick as soon as we got there.


 There were dozens in cages trying to win prizes.
 Alpacas.  Ariel kept saying Llama Llama Red Pajama.
 We watched a very amusing ventriloquist in a tent that had no air circulation.  I almost passed out.
 Sammy and Nathan joined us.  The kids went on all the rides.

 There's Aden back there!

 Time to see the tractors.

 There's Benjy!  Aden's best friend.  He got to bounce all over the place on giant bungies.
 Last ride, let's get out of here.  Amy stayed home with the twins.  It was just way too hot for them.  I took a cold shower and it still took a long time to cool down.  
 Sunday morning the boys were bonding.
We went to the NAC with Benjy.  I guess Ariel all the sudden is not afraid of characters.
 There's Aden and Ben.  They had so much fun.
 It was crazy hot again.  Amy and the twins stayed home.

 A big hug from Sophie just back from overnight camp.
 It was so hot, the normally freezing cold pool actually felt good.

 Time to go home and help Amy with the babies...

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