Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

It's Thursday night.  Time to clean up the house for the cleaning lady!  We are thinking of dipping into our frozen Junior's donuts stash for a rare mid winter treat.  I'm not sure the best way to warm them up though.  

Here are some more pictures from last weekend.  Soccer time!  Joe and Eli bonded.  Eli was excited to watch Aden play.
Ariel wasn't as interested.
 Some action shots.

 Aden doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much.
 Go Team!

Snack break.
 Ok, we are back.
 Visit from cousin Eva.

 You can't even imagine the mess these boys make.
 Much better when they are playing and not fighting.
 We went to La Stalla for Lindsay's birthday.  
 It's so much fun when we are all together. 
 Hope you had the best birthday Linds!
 My handsome little man.  Almost 1!
 I prefer real ice cream Ariel.
Amy picked up some Girl Scout cookies so Eli had his first taste of peanut butter.  
 So far so good.
 My Little Pony.
 Have a great weekend!  Hopefully you won't get into as much trouble as these two!

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