Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Fun at Target

It's Tuesday night.  One year ago today I took the following picture of Amy.  Wow is all I can say.  It was 36 weeks and we didn't know how she could go another month.  Little did we know, the twins would be here in 3 days!
Back to swim last week.  Eli's turn.
Me and my little man.
 Let go of the duck!
Go Christian!

He will go with the teacher.
No crying today!

After it being so warm all Winter, we are starting to get some small snow storms.

 Having fun at school.
 Lunch date at the new Panda Express. 
 Then a trip to Target!
 This is how we find Eli now in the morning.  Talking to Noah and reading his book.
 Then playing in our bed.
This was posted by Aden's school.  It's his class getting ready for the Tricky Tray charity.
 Isn't that nice.  Big brother Aden reading to his little buddies.

 These are some pics Bev took.

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