Sunday, February 7, 2016

Birthday Week

Well I had no feeling for either of the teams but it was an entertaining game.  I guess congrats to the Broncos.  The game just ended and it's almost 11 Sunday night.  Why am I still up?  We had a pretty quiet weekend again.  We started off the twin's birthday celebrations.  They will be 1 on Friday!  Who remembers Amy's belly a year ago?  I might have to post some pics even though Amy won't be happy.  

Just a couple of pics from dinner last Sunday at Tony's.
Even though going out is super hard, it's beats having to clean the kitchen at home.
Music class!

The boys and their buddy Michael.

 There's Anthony, who is 3 months younger than the boys!

 People have said Eli is my mini me.

 Everything goes right in their mouths.

 Noah jumped right in the bag.

 Someone had fun at ballet.
 Aden's buddy Brody joined him at hip hop.

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