Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Joe's Ice Cream

Last Friday night my family came for dinner.
My grandmother could hold a baby all night.
Bev brought some fun sweets for the kids.

Only 95 years between them.
Uh oh, someone has been hugged enough.
Ariel won't let us play with her hair.  
Early Saturday morning, I took Ariel to the Bucks County Children's Museum in New Hope for a children's shabbat service.  It was our first time there.
 We had a little fun digging for fossils before the service.

 Then a slide.
 This was cool.  

 Time for the service.

Ariel ran up and danced.
 Then it was time to really play.
It was a nice place.  We will have to go back.

 Ariel got to ride on a train.

 Ok, time to go, Aden has soccer...

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