Monday, February 15, 2016

Cheerios Everywhere

It's Monday night.  It snowed most of the day, then sleeted, then turned to rain.  What a mess.  Still not ready to show you the birthday pics so let's just do music from last week.  

First, let's see what the boys do with a bowl of Cheerios.  
Pretty much what you would expect.  
They still taste good.
Ms. Marilyn sang to the boys!

 They had so many friends to play with.

 Nate met a cute girl.

 Right Nate?

 We told her not to dump out all the instruments.  The babies can't handle it.

 The buddies.

 I got an Avegant Glyph.  They are a headset that folds down in front of your eyes and becomes video goggles.  The projectors in the strap send the picture right to your retina so it's clear even if you don't wear your glasses.  It's one of the few things I got from Kickstarter that actually works and is cool.  Now I just need a long plane flight somewhere...
 Aden had dance with a substitute instructor.  

 He's used to the girl.  I think the guy freaked him out a bit.

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