Thursday, February 18, 2016

What Smash Cake?

It's Thursday night.  I got a haircut today.  Why do I find that so traumatic?  Aden really needs one but he wouldn't go with me.  He was depressed because he didn't do so great on a couple of tests.  I guess it's good he cares.  The babies are quickly learning new tricks and we started them on milk today.  That's about all to report, back to the party.  These are the rest of the pictures I took.  I'm not going to try and put them in any order.  It's just too hard.  Bev also took a ton of pics.  When she gives them to me, I will post them.

 A shot of bourbon anyone?

 We got the food from Piccolo's in Newtown.  It was yummy.

 Ariel had the boys upstairs for a while.
 Yes, the trampoline is no more.
 Cake time!
 We had Amy's dad's name on the cake too.

 The smash cakes didn't go so well.  
Noah cried and Eli was just confused.
 When the crowd thinned out, we opened some presents.
 Somehow Ariel ended up in her pajamas.
 Good night Nate!  Everyone have a great weekend!

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