Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Where Are We Going to Eat Lunch Now?

It's Tuesday night and the winds are howling out there.  A couple of weeks ago one of our favorite restaurants shut down.  Good bye Cafe Riviera!
 Eli looks so big all the sudden.

 Here he comes!

 Over to grandma and grandpop's house for grandpop's birthday.  

 Happy Birthday Jeff.
 Uncle Mark is a bad influence!

 One year checkup!
 So big!
 I had a fun Tesla test drive!  The car drove itself on the highway and even changed lanes and parked itself.  That would take some getting used to.
 Ariel and her friends.
 Notice all the strollers it took to get them there.
 We Are!
 New session of swim.  Lots of new people.  

 Same old class.  It hasn't changed since Aden was a baby.

 No crying when daddy was across the pool!

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