Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Silver Snow Ball

It's Wednesday night and a big thunderstorm is about to blow through.  Aden is behind me on the sofa.  Figures the oldest is the only one that's scared.  The lights have been flickering and the winds howling.  We went to the science fair at the school tonight. Maybe next year Aden will come up with an experiment to share.  

Back to last week's music class.  It was the first time we were there after the boy's birthday so they wore their special shirts.

 The class was packed!

 Eli had been crawling on his belly but here he started to push up.  Within a day or two after this, he's full on crawling, finally.  

 Uh oh, someone fell over.
 Big boy Noah is ready to walk!
 It's always crazy when Ms. Marilyn dumps all the instruments out.

A quick bite at Zoe's.

 Noah and Eli had a play date with Michael.  
They had lots of fun.

 My grandmother came to hang with all the kids.

 They love their music.
 Right Eli?
 Saturday night, Amy and I went to charity ball at the Newtown Athletic Club.
This nice pic was taken by the NAC.
It was a huge turnout.  Over 300.  The band and food were great.
 We ran into some good friends.
 The money was being raised for ALS.
 It's great that so any people wanted to help.

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