Monday, August 23, 2021

Ariel is Back!

It's Monday night.  Way too late so I'm going to make this quick.  Last Sunday, we finally got our Ariel back!  We drove out to Cherry Hill, about an hour away, at 9:30 to get her bags.  
They all fit in my dad's car.  

There she is!

Not letting go!
My favorite picture of the summer.  
She talked the whole way back.  Told us everything about camp.  
Everyone was waiting for her.  Hugs from Bubbie.  
Even Juliet came over.  

Aden was even nice to her!
She's back!  She looked the same but the way she talked was a little different.  Maybe more mature.  

Aden's girlfriend Lanie had been there and was leaving.  
Our friends Dana and Howard came down to go to the beach with us.  
Still not letting go!

I never saw Aden actually let Ariel so close!
Beautiful day.

Back to the pool.  
A little tubbing before Ocean City...


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