Thursday, August 19, 2021

Sesame Place

Last Monday we only got one picture of Ariel.  
My parents got a letter.  I sent her a kite.  
I have no idea what Eli was doing Monday morning.  
We had a hole in the roof fixed.  The roof is over 20 years old but we don't want to replace it yet.  
Heather and I took the twins to Sesame Place.  We met Jenn and Jake there.  We last bought season tickets in 2019 and they are still accepting them!
It was pretty crowded.  
Hey boys. They didn't end up on any of the water rides.  
I watched them go on the merry go round.  

They got me on a ride.  
It wasn't too bad.  I forgot my Dramamine but I survived.  

We had a pretty gross dinner as the sky got darker.  

Look at those clouds!
They went on the balloon ride.  

As we got to the parade it started pouring!  Look at the twins under the sign.  
The parade kept coming in the rain.  
We got under a tree.  
Then we made a run for it.  

At least we got a rainbow.  
We made a brief stop in the gift shop and got umbrellas for the boys.  


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