Sunday, August 22, 2021

Oh, What a Night

It's Sunday night.  We just got back from 10 days at the shore!  It was fun but it's nice to be back.  I totally forgot to do last week's posts until Thursday, then I did them all!  These are from a week ago Friday and Saturday.  At the gym, they finally started the outside patio near the men's gym.
It was crazy hot.  We drove to the shore late with the car extra stuffed as we were staying for over a week.  
These are the camp pics from that Friday.  

Saturday morning, the boys were ready to go.  

Where you ask?  Juniors Donuts of course!  
We headed to the pool.  
I played with the drone.  That's the ocean from my parent's house.  
The bay.  
Across the street.  
The pool from above.  
The pool from way above.  
Lanie came to hang with Aden.  

Saw this cool plate.  
Aden and Lanie on the beach.
We had two sitters come watch the kids.  
They had a drawing contest.  
Amy and I went with both our parents to dinner then to the Hard Rock Casino to see Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  
It was a fun show.  Frankie is 87 but still can entertain.  
I won't post any songs because they will get copyright blocked.  
But it was hours of us all singing along.  
These are the Saturday pictures.  The last ones we got for 2021.  

I thought this was a fitting last picture!  We were so excited to see Ariel the next morning!


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