Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Back to School Night

It's Wednesday night.  What a day.  With having to take care of Amy's poor car to getting a new dishwasher, I'm ready for bed.  Back to last Tuesday.  We walked the kids to school.  They take their scooters.  

Here are pics from the day.

Cute class pic.
That night we had piano and guitar.  Noah is writing a song with Pat.
Ariel's cheer practice got cancelled because T-storms were coming!

That Cyberquad is getting a lot of use.  
That night we had back to school night for the twins.  I went to Noah's class, Amy to Eli's.  Both the teachers are so sweet.  
All the first graders made these.  Noah got upset because he didn't know how to make this so we couldn't guess it was him, especially if it was going to be placed on his desk.  That kid is too smart sometimes.  He said his favorite food was chocolate chip cookies to throw us off.  He doesn't like them.  Lol.  

Eli!  We lost power at the school because of the storms.  That was pretty crazy.  
We got back, the twins were up and shaken from the storms.  
Last Wednesday, we walked up to get the kids with the neighbors.  

That night, we had back to school night for Ariel.  She drew this.  
Her teacher was very laid back.  You can see the other faces in the back.  
Cool billboard.  
Walking back the moon looked cool.  
Eli and Ariel met us outside.  

Heather and the boys were busy with the chalk.  


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