Sunday, September 11, 2022

Labor Day Fireworks

It's Sunday night.  We had a crazy Fall weekend.  It makes it easier to not miss the shore when we are so busy.  Speaking of the shore, last Saturday, I went for a nice run.  
I came back and the twins were doing some work.  
Finally, Melissa and family arrived.  
Honey missed me.  
Ariel's camp friend Cecelia came over.  

Very serious.  
Juliet came over too then we went to the pool.  

Pizza time.  

Quinn came by to visit.  

There he is!

We had fun hanging.  

Then Ava came over.  Ariel had 3 friends!

We headed back and set up Eli's tether ball.  

That kept them entertained for a couple of days until it broke.  
I drove over to Somers Point to get some really yummy barbecue.
Ariel and CiCi did some camp dances for us.  
Then her parents came and we played some poker and blackjack.  

Then we had the Longport Labor Day fireworks.
It's great we can see them well from the house.  
Ariel dealt blackjack well into the night.

We might be in trouble!
Late night hanging.  
Honey and Huggy.  

Honey and Huggy again.  
Behind the scenes.  


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