Thursday, September 15, 2022

Back to High School

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo.  Of course we have another crazy weekend coming up.  Last Thursday, we walked the kids to school.  
Here are some school pics.  

Ariel had her private that afternoon.  
Then Amy and I went to high school!  It was back to school night at Council Rock South.  We were nervous!
It really felt like being in school.  We found the first class, math, and listened about the class for 10 minutes.  Then we had 5 minutes to get to the next class.  They get 4, which is quick, because we ran to each class.  
We saw lots of people we knew but we didn't have time to talk.  
We went through all 6 periods including gym.  I think Aden and I like the science teacher the best.  He's fascinating and will be having the kids do fun experiments.  Amy and I enjoyed the experience.
A lot of chess going on in the house.  
Last Friday, the twins had their first soccer practice.  They knew 3 of the boys on the team from school and camp.  
They did pretty well.  No Noah tantrums.  

Then we went to school for the movie night and ice cream social.  
It was pretty chaotic.  

The kids ran around all night.  
They played Sing 2.

Ice cream and pretzels and popcorn.
Some kids ran around the school.  Have a great weekend!


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