Sunday, September 18, 2022

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It's Sunday night.  I'm so tired I can't keep my eyes open.  I'm going to split up last weekend inot 2 posts.  Last Saturday at 9, the twins had their first soccer game.  Actually, it was just Eli.  Noah had a cold and stayed home.  
Eli did reasonably well.  The team not so much.  I think we lost like 10-0.  

We did get donuts though!

Ariel made herself scrambled eggs!  Didn't know she ate them or cooked them!
Aden had a flag football game at 12.
He played well.  

Aden then went apple picking with Eva and Gwen.
Not sure how I feel about the kids being into gambling all the sudden.  
I'm skipping ahead to Sunday.  It was the first day of Hebrew School and they had all the parents come.  
They told us about the year then they took the kids to their classes.  Here go the twins.  
There goes Ariel!
The parents then mingled and had food then we met the kids back in the sanctuary after school.  
Me with Ariel and Emily.  
The rest of the day was kind of lazy.  We just laid around and watched the Eagles win their first game.  I then made dinner.  
Aden wanted to make cupcakes.  
Then we set up a new scarecrow.


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