Monday, September 12, 2022

2022 Beach Picture

It's a stormy Monday night.  I took Aden all the way to flag and it got rained out.  Here's a huge post from last Sunday.  

The kids got up early and were crazy. 

Not sure what to make of this.  
Tetherball before the beach.  
I was determined to get our annual beach picture that day but the kids were all cranky.  

I scoped out locations for the pic.  
Here we go!  

Lunchtime.  The kids stayed cranky.  I'm like, come one, it's the last day.  
Ariel made it into the warm ocean.

The twins got close to the ocean.

Aden found some boys and played football.  

The twins went in and loved it!  
They were in for over an hour.  

Steven joined them.
Look at that face!

Then I took a boogie board out for the first time in years!
It was so much fun!

Of course we have all this fun on the last day of the season.

That night we had the neighbors over for dinner.  I smoked chicken then grilled burgers and dogs.  
It was nice to finally hang with them at our house.  We are usually on their deck.

I worked the whole time so it was a blur.  

The kids hit the tub.  
Buddies!  Hopefully we will see Steven over the Winter.  

Then it was back to games of chance.

We finished the night with our usual game of rummey.


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