Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Pearl Jam

This is a 4 day post!  Last Monday, we got some pictures of Noah's day.  

Eli checked out his new Mickey Mouse ice cube.  
That night, Aden had a flag game.  Just as we got there the rain started.  
Yes there was lightning and the kids were all under trees.  
It picked up so we went home.  
Last Tuesday, we got another Noah pic.  He really does love school.  
Eli is trying to find ways to make the roller coaster higher!
Aden had practice.
So I ran on the nearby track.  

Eli is so ready for Halloween.
On Wednesday morning, I put out the white Ikea buffet I've had for 25 years.  The workers across the street ran over and grabbed it.  I last saw it on the back of their truck.  Goodbye buffet.
That night, I went with Jason to Camden to see Pearl Jam!  We met Greg and sat on the lawn.  
It was a beautiful night and I took in the view of Philly.  

It was the most I have ever seen that place filled.  Even Eddie Vedder commented on that.  
They didn't start until 9:15, which was way too late but when they finally got on, they rocked.  

We left at 12 and they were still playing and hadn't stopped!  They were great.
Ariel facetimed me during the show to say good night.  
On Thursday morning, I woke up Aden to go to school.  He made it downstairs before he fell asleep again.  No wonder I have to stay up with him until he leaves.  
That night, the twins got haircuts.  
Looking good boys!
We also got a new dishwasher after no having a working on for 9 days.  I know, first world problems.  It did make it about 14 years though.  Not too bad.  
The guys were there over an hour installing it.  


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