Thursday, September 1, 2022

Chinese Food

Today was nuts with 2 cheer practices and flag football practice.  

Last Friday, we woke up at the shore.  Ariel is back from camp but she's really not.  Again she slept out with camp friends.  During the week, the landscaper came and put pavers under the grill.  
I took a walk with the boys to Hot Bagels and Wawa.  
Then we went to the beach.  Margot came to help.  
Cool clouds.  It was pretty quiet out there.  
The ocean was very warm!  Finally!  It had been freezing all summer.  The twins wouldn't go in though.  I carried Eli in a bit but he didn't want to get wet.
Noah dug a hole so deep, it filled up with water from below.  
On the way back we saw one of the camp directors and we got some inside scoops.  
That night, our family and Julia's family met for Chinese food in Somers Point.  We had the whole place to ourselves.  There was a kid's table and adult table.  
The big girls took the little boys to the dollar store while we ate.  What did you get Eli?

Things got a little crazy!

Back to their house for some blackjack.  Dave bought a real table from an old dealer.  He's very serious about it.  
Eli just stuck to the drinking games.  
Good playing Noah!
Eli was under the yellow table.  
I took Amy and the boys home.  This was on the garage door.  
I went back for Ariel who was now dealing.  
This could be a problem.  Lol.  Have a great weekend!


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