Monday, September 5, 2022

Bellamy's Party

Don't be alarmed but there are drops of water falling from the sky!  Has it rained all summer?  Speaking of summer, it's over!  Today is Labor Day and we are done with the shore for the season.  I have a lot of feelings about that to process.  

Last Sunday, I took the twins and Steven to the playground.  I got a cute shot!
They played for a while.  

Then we went to the beach.  
Some crazy clouds.  
The boys were mellow.  
They sat a lot.  
Or stared at the ocean.
More cloud pictures.  

We left early because we had to get the kids ready for school!  You can kind of make out a rainbow over Philly here.  
Ariel had slept over Harper's the night before.  She spent the day at Bellamy's birthday party.  It was a mix of camp girls and neighborhood girls.  
They had too much fun.  


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