Sunday, June 11, 2023

Goodbye Ms. Marilyn

Last Saturday was the end of an era.  Ms. Marilyn's final Kids Music Round Class.  It's been a while since we went to the classes but you may remember all 4 kids going for years.  Maybe I will post some old videos.  Those were the days.  I dragged Aden and Ariel to go with me to say goodbye.  It was packed!
She loved seeing Ariel.  
And Aden.  
So many great memories.  
We stayed for the Hello song.  
It was very emotional.  Marilyn got choked up which made me also.  
Aden and Ariel went to the chiropractor.  
Then we stopped by to see my parents.  
Eli and I got haircuts.  
Ariel worked on Amy's hair.  
Made some wings on the smoker.  
Ariel slept over Emily's house.  Amy and I took the twins out to dinner.  
They kept themselves pretty busy.  
I made chocolate chip cookies with Aden later.  
Here are some pics from Emily's birthday party.  

Looks like fun!


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