Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Ariel is Pierced

Last Monday, we were still at the shore.  Aden and I met Jaime and Jared to play some tennis.  
We had a pretty rousing doubles match.  
I haven't played that much in decades!
We got back to the kids coloring.  
We then went to Ocean City.  

This is the Surf Mall.  I used to hang out there as a kid.  
These posters have always been there.  Brings back such memories.  
Love the wrestling action figures.  
Ariel had been talking about getting her ears pierced for years but between camp and cheer, it never seemed to be a good time.  But for some reason, the sign saying free piercings on the Ocean City boardwalk, seemed to overcome everything.  And just like that, Ariel has pierced ears!
She said it didn't hurt and she was so thrilled.  
She immediately called all her friends and posted many Tiktoks.  
We got some free salt water taffys.  
We then played haunted mini golf.  Eli is always obsessed with what he's scared with.  This was his idea.  
It was a cool place.  
Eli checked out every scary scene.

We had lots of Manco's pizza.  
This was last Tuesday.  Stella came to visit.  
Ariel and I took a ride on the scooter.  

Now that's what we like to see.  A twin, quietly reading.  
We drove home Tuesday afternoon.  Ariel immediately went for a bike ride.  
We played outside.  


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