Thursday, June 1, 2023

Amy's Birthday

It's Thursday night again.  We are busy straightening up the house for the cleaning lady.  Aden is watching the basketball finals.  Denver is blowing out Miami.  

Last Friday was Amy's birthday!  The kids were in school so we were able to have. anice, quiet lunch at Ardana.  
She gets more beautiful and young with each birthday!
Eli's class that day.  
We checked the shore traffic all day.  It was consistently busy.
We left around 5 and took back ways through New Jersey.  We found a diner to have dinner.  The car was packed and we had bikes to bring back.  
We made it down around 9.  While we got the twins to bed, Ariel's friend CeCe came over.  
Camp buddies, who were the same height last summer!
They walked over to the Dairy Bar themselves.  
Later that night, I took Ariel to Jaime's house to see Amanda and her friends from the University of Florida.  
Including my cousin Jordanna we met for the first time!  It's crazy that Amanda met her and figured out we were related.  Have a great weekend!


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