Sunday, June 4, 2023

Cake from South Carolina

It's Sunday night.  We had a busy weekend.  Ariel went to her second concert in as many weeks.  Back to last Saturday.  It was cool at the shore.  
Amy got to meet Stogie next door.  So cute.  
Eli and Noah picked up where they left off with Steven.  They play so well together.  They are all equally as crazy.  

Honey came to play with Stogie.  

It was getting a bit warmer but no one wanted wanted to try the beach so we went to the pool.  
Even Aden joined us.  

Ariel's camp friend Cece came over with her sister.  
The Camp Saginaw girls and Gwen!

We celebrated Amy's birthday.  I got some cakes from South Carolina.  

They were super yummy.  

Right Noah?

Hugs for Honey.  
Ariel went for a bike ride.  
When I take pics of her now, she gives me the hand!
That night, the four of went to Steve and Cookies for dinner.  For those of you who don't know, it's amazing and very hard to get into, especially on a holiday weekend.  
Look at these beautiful sisters!
The twins were at my parent's house.  Noah was working on some Legos.  
Back at the house, Melissa brought the kids over.  

They all played out front.  

Some quality scooter time.  

Cuddles before bed.  


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