Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Camp Starts

It's a rainy and stormy Tuesday night.  But I think the rain is finally done for a few days.  

Last Monday began the 50th summer for Southampton Summer Day Camp.
The twins were excited to go.  

And they are off!
The camp posts pics during the day.  Here are a couple.  

The gym pool was packed.  

That night we played outside.  
Eli and Mickey
The cactus is blooming!

The twins went to Victoria's house to play.  

All the sudden there was a girl from the old farmhouse behind Victoria's nearby so we called her over.  She's also in the twins class.  We never knew who lived in the farmhouse.  

Noah lost a tooth so on Tuesday morning, he was busy counting his money from the tooth fairy.  
Amy took Aden and Ariel out to meet Harper and Eva.

That afternoon, I started pork belly burnt ends.  
The twins got home.  
They came out yummy.  
Ariel rode her bike.  
The twins were at Victoria's and saw Lennox at her house  
So they ran over.  I went too.

The farmhouse was built in the 1700s!
There's an outhouse and an ice house.  
Lennox's brother turned 5.  We joined in the celebration!
Many fun things at this house.

Including a trampoline.
It's so nice the twins now have two buddies on the street.  


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