Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cuddling With The Babies

Well that was one ridiculously cold day.  Actually, it's still going on.  It hasn't been above 10 degrees all day.  I put Amy's car in the garage last night next to mine as she usually parks outside.  I spoiled her.  She really liked her car being warm this morning.  Now I'm going to have to do it more often for her and it's a scary tight squeeze.  It might actually get into the 20's tomorrow!  Woo hoo!  Seriously, just being outside for a few seconds was uncomfortable.  I don't know how people worked outside.  

Back to Saturday afternoon, we got some quality time with baby Eva.  Her furniture was just delivered!
 High five Uncle Mark!
 Cuddle time with the babies.

 Ariel asked to try out Eva's books.
 She asked everyone to read to her.
 Tummy time!
 My sister made the pretty blanket.

 First time on the play mat.
 Come here Burghy and play with me.

 All this playing is making me sleepy.

 My turn!

 I even got to feed her!

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