Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bananas Foster

Is everyone enjoying themselves?  It's been kind of warm again. What a crazy winter.  TV is a bit different tonight.  Last night I had the beautiful Bachelor girls, tonight it's My 600 lb. Life!  Ugh.  
Sunday morning we had a brunch at our house.  Ariel's favorite girl came for lox and waffles.
 But had to settle for milk.
 Checking out?
 Ali, Todd and Sammy came too!
 Sammy enjoyed my waffles and bananas foster.
 I should be making bananas foster more often!  Yum!  Kind of reminded me of trying them at Brennan's in New Orleans where it was invented.
 My turn.
 Now she goes down backwards.
 The kids, the dog and Elmo.

 Great moment.

 So she didn't eat dinner that night.  She's not the biggest eater but when she doesn't eat at all that usually means something is brewing.
 She went to bed ok but was hysterical by 12.
 She seemed better when she got into our bed.
 But it was only about five minutes after this picture that she got sick all over me and began our fun night and next day.

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