Monday, January 20, 2014

Never Too Cold For Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Quick post tonight but first does anyone else find the Bachelor annoying?  I can't believe he made that girl jump off the bridge.  Amy already got the early dismissal call for tomorrow.  Could be 8 inches in this next storm!  We are all so sick of this!  Some mentioned there is 59 days till Spring.  Oh, and a shout out to Mike and Stef who welcomed beautiful baby Hailey this afternoon.  Eva is only 4 weeks old and is making new friends fast!

Of course the cold doesn't bother the kids.  After soccer Saturday they wanted to play out back.
 At least they had their hats on.
 If you look closely, you will see that Ariel is eating an ice cream sandwich.  She took it out of the freezer herself!
 In the afternoon, Amy's mom and I took Aden to see Frozen for the second time.  Aden had a great time singing along and spoiling the surprises for us!  It was a beautifully made movie.  Amy and the kids had been playing the music for weeks.  It was nice to see how it all fit in with the story.
 That night Joseph and his parents Mike and Gina came for dinner and some playtime.  I think Joseph was more excited to see Ariel.
 First there was some sword play.
 Ariel chased the boys around the whole time.

 Phew.  She needed a break.
 Then the costumes came out.

 Forget the crazy boys, I want to read.
 Dessert time!
 They made a huge mess.
 We all helped clean up.

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