Friday, January 3, 2014

Do We Have to Make This Up In June?

So who else isn't getting out of bed today?  Wow, what s storm.  They are saying we got about 8 inches.  It's also going to be crazy cold today.  Wind chills around zero.  Amy only wanted a 2 hour delay.  It's hard to make this up in June.  My internet is in and out the house so I've been trying to post.  Not really sure what the problem is.  

Back to Monday.  Adam and Brianna came to visit.
 I showed them my 3Doodler.  You can use it to draw in three dimensions/1
 All you need is some talent and patience and you can make some really neat things.
 They need to move closer!

 Getting ready for Maura to babysit on New Years eve!
 Amy and I went with Ali and Todd to Marsha Brown's in New Hope.  I always wanted to try it.  The food was good but the service was questionable.  I got my usual Southern Comfort and Coke.  It did not taste right.  The waiter brought it back and returned much later to tell me that "the bartender was trying to trying to pull a fast one on me."  What do you think he meant by that?
 Neat place.  Old church.

 Then we went to Havana  to party!  The infamous location of our first date!

 Wednesday, we went to Todd and Ali's for lunch.  
 Sam carried around his step stool looking for trouble!
 My princess!
 What now Sammy?
 There's Jax!

 The kid's played nicely.  We just ignored them and talked!

 Thanks guys, we had fun!

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