Monday, August 11, 2014

Bagels and Donuts

Saturday was a super fun day.  Our friends Melissa, Andrew and Aden's buddy Brody came to hang out.  Before they arrived we put together a classic Margate breakfast from Hot Bagels and Juniors.  
Daddy, what are we waiting for?
 Hot, fresh donuts of course!
 After our feast of bagels and donuts, we headed to the beach.  It was the first perfect beach day of the whole summer.  Hot and sunny.  Brody could not wait to get on his boogie board.
 Hang ten Brody!  He did a great job.
 Aden is still not ready to ride anything in the ocean.
 Hey Aden, where are you going?
 The boys had a fabulous time.  They are in camp together and will also be in the same Hebrew School class this coming year.
 My mom even joined us!
 A quick break to eat.
 Ariel did not stop running the whole time.  
 Melissa and Andrew are such a sweet couple.  We loved hanging out with them.
 Andrew and Ariel bonded.  
 Their daughter is away at camp.
 Ariel is still asking where here friend Andrew is!
 Checking out the ladies with grandpop's binoculars.  
 Let's look for crabs!
 A hermit crab, which I later learned is not actually a crab.  They did find some real crabs too.
 What other cool creatures can we find?
 The beach was packed!
 We then headed to my parent's pool.  
I got some action shots of the boys while Ariel slept in the stroller.

 This shot went in!
 If all of this this wasn't enough, we then went to Ocean City.  Stayed tuned for those pictures...

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