Monday, August 18, 2014

The Grange Fair

It's Monday morning.  We had a nice weekend at the Shore.  I know you guys are probably getting tired of the beach pictures but in 2 more weeks, you are going to be stuck with Aden running across a soccer field and that's about it!  It's makes my job harder to find things to take pictures of when we don't go to the Shore.  That's why is always seems like we are doing so much!  Not sure why I'm rambling, let's finish off last week.

Visiting day 2 at Breezy Point Camp.  (The kids are both sad that camp ended last Friday).  Junior Camp lineup!
Ariel was asked to hold the flag for the pledge.

Snack time.
Then story telling and music.

The kids had fun.  I will try and get up videos later.

Good bye Maura!  She is already back up to Pitt for her senior year.  We will all miss her!
The Grange Fair in Wrightstown.  It's been coming there for years but we just heard about it.
Ariel and Sammy loved the farm equipment.
Jaxson too!
I guess she liked the horse.

Goodnoe ice cream!

It's great to be 2! Actually, Sammy will be 3 this week!
Everyone is saying she looks like me now.
Ali, Lindsay and Amy.  They all could have tried out for Ms. Grange Fair!
Let's look at the bunnies.

Ariel wants a pet cow.
We could get one in our backyard.  

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