Thursday, August 7, 2014

Doggie Day Care

Well it's Thursday night again and I have some random pictures.  Today we had the funeral for my aunt's mom Irene.  She was always a sweet woman and will be missed.  

Look who stayed with us this week.  Burghy!
 The buddies.
 It was really nice weather this week.

 Ariel, Sammy and Jaxson all on Marilyn's lap!
 Aden made this aircraft carrier for Justin.  I'm sure his plane looks just like that.
 Early morning walks.

 Our neighbors are also dog sitting.  Oscar the pug.  It's one thing that we like dogs and are used to them but they really don't like dogs.  That was some nerve that their friends asked them!
 The boys seem to be enjoying him though.

 For only the second time all summer, we went to the NAC to swim.  There's Nancy our neighbor back there.
I'm ready!

 It was a warm night but pretty quiet there.

 Is Aden tall enough for the big slide?  Not really.
 They did let Benjy and Aden go a couple of times then Aden got bounced and I had to go with him.

 Ariel just jumped into the deepest pool and found friends to play with.
 So confident.
 Still unsure.
 Lots of playing.

Still doing back floats on her own.
Gangsta face.
Long day.
Aden wanted me to take these shots.  He liked the look of the place with the sun setting.

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