Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Great Zoo

Thursday morning we took a ride to the Cape May Zoo.  It wasn't that far, like 20 minutes.  I had never been there before.  It was very nice.  In fact a little too nice considering there is no admission charge!
 I think monkeys.
 Nice Eagles.
 Ariel wasn't walking anywhere.
 The complex was huge.  Lots of walkways between different areas.
 Black swans.
 That's an otter to the right of the lake.
We walked a ton.
Ariel's favorite were the giraffes.  Even though she can't say the word.
 Double jointed.

 We watched the black bears eat.
 Uh Ariel, I think you are on the wrong side of the fence.  It's a good thing wallabys are cute and cuddly.
 Snakes and turtles.  There were even giant alligators.
 Couldn't quite reach for the massage.
 Taking a walk back in Margate.
 That night Amy and I had a nice romantic (that means cell phones were at a minimum) dinner at Steve & Cookies.  It's only a block away from us and has great food but we only get there maybe once a summer because it's impossible to get in to.  
 We went before 6 on a Thursday and it was packed.  

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