Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rockin' Out in the Sears Courtyard

Back to last Saturday.  After the playground we headed back to my parents.  What are you looking at Becket?
Some sliding action.

 My dad felt like throwing Aden.
 That night we played a little mini golf.

 We could have gone to OC but we were just so tired.
 Sunday morning we got up and just decided to go home.  We got home and did nothing but rest so I don't have any pictures.  
 Monday morning Aden went to the YMCA camp at Holland Elementary.  
We just signed him up over the weekend when we found out his buddy Jake was going.  If not, we don't know what we would have done with Aden all week.  He lasted 3 days.  It's now Thursday night.  He refused to go to day and looks like he won't be going tomorrow either.
That left me with Ariel.  I took her to work.  She entertained everyone there.  We made a quick stop at the mall for lunch on the way home.

Then some food shopping.
That night we went to the neighbors to make smores.

 Aww.  Both in orange and black, is it Halloween already?
 Let's cook!
 Tuesday morning I took Ariel to see Ms. Marilyn put on a show at the Oxford Valley Mall.
 It turned out to be just a regular music class.
 Ariel had fun.

 She gave Marilyn a hug before we left.
 We are debating whether or not Ariel is going to continue with her this Fall.  

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