Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What Exactly is Monkey Bread?

Saturday after the donuts and bagels and after the beach and the pool, we all headed to Ocean City.
 The kids were cute together.

 First we checked out Wonderland Pier. 

 I'm hungry, let's eat!
 Manco & Mancos.  It's been a while since we sat down there.  We usually just grab slices and walk around.
 The wait wasn't too bad but got much longer by the time we were done.
 Melissa and Brody being silly.
 Yum we ate a lot.  The girls ruined theirs by putting broccoli on it!
Beautiful night.  This must have been the time everyone was getting ready to go out because not too long after this picture was taken, the boardwalk was completely filled.
 The old salt water taffy machines were going at Shrivers.  Fun to watch.  
 They gave us samples. This was Ariel's reaction!
 Those dolls have been doing flips in the window for many years.
 Mr. Peanut.  Ariel was not afraid.  She waived.
 The kids did some rides.
 Andrew and I.

 Hey giant french fry!

 Sweet.  Andrew and Ariel.

 We ate our way through Ocean City.  From the pizza to fudge and salt water taffy and Johnson's popcorn to finally Monkey Bread!  Monkey Bread, in case you were wondering, is hot gooey balls of cinnamon stuck together with melted chocolate and bananas.  I know, sounds awful right?
 We had a blast with our friends...
 and look forward to spending more time with them!

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