Friday, August 1, 2014

They Love Swimming

Yes, it's Friday and I'm still showing pictures from the weekend.  I'm thankful I had so many because I didn't take any this whole week.  We are not going to the Shore.  It's supposed to rain all weekend so I am going to be struggling for pictures next week.  If anyone wants to hang, let us know!

After the race Sunday, we went to a Stella and Dot jewelry party.  The kids were upstairs waiting patiently.  Amy got an initial necklace. (this we one picture I forgot)
Now back to the cousins at my parent's house.  We all headed to the pool.  
 My poor dad had to watch both kids before Larry or I could get in there.  They are all over the place.
 Sliding and shooting.
 Olivia took good care of Ariel.  

 Noah loves basketball.
 Swim Ariel!
 Sweet.  He loves this.
 She was doing back floats on her own.  Aden still won't do them!

 These new floats they have are great.

 My baby is getting big!
 My mini me!
 The boys took these.
 Why do the kids alway seem to get confident about swimming at the end of the summer?
A little more time playing with Bubbie before we left.
Baby Jake slept for hours in Ariel's crib upstairs.  Bubbie didn't want to let him go!

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