Tuesday, May 5, 2015

10 Hours of Sleep!

So are you ready for this?  Both babies slept from 7pm to 5am last night!  That's 10 hours between feedings!  Of course the nurse was here so we paid her for nothing but hopefully we will get this more and more!  I think part of the problem is us.  When they get fussy in the middle of the night, we automatically feed them.  The nurse the holds them for a minute then puts them back.  You would think by the 3rd and 4th kids we would be able to figure out when they were hungry.  It's been crazy warm.  In the 80s.  Where did Summer come from? 

Back to last Friday.  Good morning Eli!
Now ready for the day!
After school the kids and I got haircuts.

Ariel got her nails done while she was waiting.  
Her hair never seems to get any longer in the back.
I had a crazy thought about when I'm going there with 4 kids! Wow!
We then went to my grandmother's house.  We hadn't been here in a long time because she had a bad cold.  

 Ariel went exploring.

  The twins were a bit hit with my grandmother.
We got a dance party going!
Saturday was insane, as I mentioned.  The first thing we had were Aden's baseball pictures at 10:45.  Look at that dimple!
 It was a crazy scene.  There was no place to park.  Everyone was there for pictures and there were games going on.

 I took this from pretty far away.

 My little slugger.
They hit some balls before they checked out the rest of the carnival.

 We had to run out of there to get Ariel to her soccer game....

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